What exactly does all this mean?

By no means is this training predicting the immediate demise and fall of the print collection or of physical library spaces. And in no way is this training implying all customers will prefer an e-Resource answer over the weight and feel of a physical book. But it must be asked:
Have we reached a point in library service in which e-Resources have become essential to both our success in information retrieval, as well as that of our customers? In this increasingly digitized world, has it become a critical part of our job as library staff members to not only use these "hidden gems" but to instruct customers as to their potential and use?
Burlington Public Library is arguing YES! Which makes embracing e-Resources a three step process towards better customer service:

Step 1: Educating our customers as to the depth, breadth, and value of the Internet beyond that of search engines

Step 2: Providing customers current, authoritative, accurate, and objective information through this collection of hidden gems

Step 3: Using the online platform which statistics show our customer are beginning to prefer

Why do we need e-Resource training?