What can you expect from the Trainers?

1. The Training Team will keep Information Services staff up-to-date. Each week we will:
  • Update the e-Resource website, introducing a new e-Resource
  • Send an email to all participating staff with details on the new e-Resource, and instructions on what to complete that week
  • Include in this email an attached copy of the e-Resource template for the previous week's assignment, outlining possible steps to take towards answering the last homework question
2. The Training Team will make themselves readily available:
  • Through email: training@bpl.on.ca
  • Through the phone: Amanda, x185 and Melissa, x129
  • Through weekly lunch Q&A sessions in the RNTR where we are available in person, and on the phone (the extension for the RNTR is x159)
3. The Training Team will track your progress through email until Friday June 4th:
  • Staff should submit their homework to training@bpl.on.ca
  • We will collect your answers and keep track of your responses
  • If there are homework corrections to be made or questions to be answered, the Trainers will email you directly
  • We will communicate your successful completion of the program to your supervisor for your 2010 Excel Performance Appraisal
4. The Training Team will offer free time in the Ron Ness Training Room (RNTR) for staff to work through homework on their own time:
  • Please check availability of the room on BLIP—if there are no programs scheduled, you are free to use the space
  • The key to the RNTR is located at the Central Circulation desk. Remember: no food or drink in the room, and please leave the space as you found it.
Instructions for use of the RNTR computers can be found in the section marked RNTR Information and RNTR Calendar.

5. The Training Team will post the bonus question on Monday May 31, 2010 and will accept responses to the bonus homework until June 4, 2010.
  • The winner of the bonus lesson draw will be announced Monday June 7, 2010 through email
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