More on the Invisible Web

Have you ever “Googled” your name?

If you were to Google my name—‘Library Lady’—you might find mention of me in association with my alma mater, or my name as it appears in meeting minutes posted online, or my name on the BPL webpage. You will not find, say, my bank statement, Visa bill, information about the last book I purchased on, a list of the items checked out on my library card, my score in the online Euchre club I belong to, or my current status on Facebook. Although all of this information is available online, it’s only available to those with the correct usernames and passwords. It’s part of the Invisible Web.

The library has many online “invisible” resources, called e-Resources, that are freely available to anyone with a Burlington Public Library (BPL) membership.

What's in our e-Resource collection?